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Whitney, LLP represents consumers in a variety of cases where consumers’ rights are violated. We are dedicated to seeking justice for victims of negligence, deceit, malpractice and fraud, and recovering compensation on their behalf.  These types of claims can occur in many situations and many ways. 

We provide high quality representation in areas of law that are traditionally overlooked.  Many of our cases involve representing “the little guy” against a large business or against someone who had an unfair advantage in dealing with our client.

Common Consumer Rights Violations Involve:

  • buying a home;
  • buying a car;
  • renting an apartment;
  • towing companies;
  • insurance claims;
  • warranty claims;
  • wedding services;
  • funeral services; and
  • false imprisonment.

Our attorneys can assist in other cases where your legal and civil rights are trampled and taken away. Since 1992, our Maryland attorneys have successfully represented hundreds of clients and recovered millions of dollars in a variety of legal claims.

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“I was very interested when I saw news coverage of a case Mr. Whitney represented regarding a bed bug infestation. Due to this, I reached out for a free evaluation. This was the best decision I had made in regards to fighting for the rights of myself and my daughter. I was contacted immediately and treated with respect and compassion for what I had been experiencing in regards to the negligent landlord who had a major bed bug infestation in an apartment that my 1 month old daughter and I were sharing. This bed bug situation was a miserable time for me, as my focus should have been on welcoming my newborn into the world. Mr. Whitney and his attorneys were patient and empathetic and concerned for our well being throughout the representation of our case. I would definitely use the Whitney attorneys again and highly recommend their firm to anyone who is experiencing similar traumatic events.”

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– Client, Annapolis, MD

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